CIRCLE TIDE, the latest novel from Rebecca K. Rowe

Trade Paperback
280 pages
Circle Tide

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When Noah returns to the city to help his brother, he is caught up in a brutal murder. To escape the authorities and clear his name, he plunges into a subterranean world where he collides with knife‑wielding monks, a crew of oddball hackers and a smart intelligence bent on his destruction.

Enter Rika Musashi Grant, an alluring data thief heavily in debt from getting cognitive enhancements. It's 2150, and her neuroknits are failing. Rika is given one last chance to prove herself: solve Circle Tide—a mysterious fungus ravaging Earth's cities. Her investigation leads straight to Noah.

Thus begins an adventure that takes Noah and Rika from the grittiest catacombs in the Underground across Novus Orbis' virtual landscapes, into evacuation centers to the most exclusive rooftop gardens where they must solve a murder and tackle Circle Tide.

Advance Praise for Circle Tide
"With Circle Tide, Rebecca Rowe has further developed her impressive capacity to entertain and provoke us with visions of a frightening and enticing future where technology has changed what it means to be human."-Dr. David Grinspoon, Curator of Astrobiology, Denver Museum of Nature & Science, author of Lonely Planets

Acclaim for Forbidden Cargo
"Rowe's world is full of strange new ways of living—and dying."-The Washington Post